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Building Capacity

In order for your organization to be successful, it takes bench strength. Have you assessed the ability of your organization to ensure that you have what it takes to achieve your goals? We help you figure out what exactly is required from your leadership to your individual contributors. Identifying what you require is the first aspect of building capacity. The second aspect has to do with preparing hearts, minds, and hands to align. It is not the teaching and the learning of new concepts or content (which most training programs offer).

We facilitate the opening of the individual to hunger for more, and to desire a strong engagement from life and work, because there is more and the human makeup is designed that way. We tap into that part of the human makeup and watch an individual come alive. This approach works, because every human has a deep seated longing to become more.

Building Culture

Culture is defined by a dynamic set of connections your people have based on values and beliefs. When you combine these together, the result is an organizational personality.

We will help you clarify your organization’s attributes (who we are) and purpose (why we exist). We will help you create the vision (what we do) and define the mission (how we do things). This goes beyond nicely-crafted statements on a wall. A strong and clear culture allows your people to show up in ways that taps into ‘discretionary effort’ typically known as going above and beyond. They feel like they belong and are making a meaningful contribution to something that is bigger than themselves.

There are 3 healthy markers of culture:

Mastery – your people have a strong desire to get better at what they do (they find it stimulating and satisfying)

Autonomy – your people have a strong desire to be self-directed (they are creative and innovative)

Purpose – your people have a strong desire to make a transcendent contribution (they have a sense of significance and fulfillment)

Do your people feel that ‘who’ they are matters and that what they do is making a difference?

We can help you build your culture based on your organizational personality so you can realize those three distinct markers of a healthy organizational culture!

Building Climate

Every organization or team has a climate, and climate matters. The environment you have has a direct impact on the performance of your people. If the climate is comfortable, people have the right ‘energy’ to produce. Each environment has elements within it that either drain or boosts your people’s energy (or mood).

Identify the 4 Dimensions of Climate that exist in your organization/team:

  1. Immobilizers
  2. Stressors
  3. Energizers
  4. Ignitors

We use the TKB Climate Indicators Assessment Tool to identify and measure the 20 elements of climate in your organization or team and give you the ability to adjust your climate to suit your needs.